Advancement of New Samsung Monitor

Samsung monitors series

With advancement in technology, monitors are getting thinner, brighter and even bigger. Samsung monitor has taken an extra effort of recognizing what people might want in the next generation and has sought to incorporate these features into their desktop monitors. This has been justified by the newly launched version which comes with a slim 23.7 and 27-inch versions. As if that is not enough, their stand comes with wireless charger.

Samsung monitor

Curved Monitors Samsung

It is not to say that you cannot otherwise charge your device otherwise but this is the best and the coolest way of doing it. This is the next good thing just after Samsung monitor launched their galaxy s6 a device that was the first to have a wireless inbuilt charging system. The problem however was the fact customers would go about replacing the back panels into something that could allow them to wirelessly charge their gadget. Galaxy s6 is sealed and to make it effective, Samsung has included Qi and PMA wireless standards.

And while some people would inquire whether it is actually necessary to have a wireless charger inside our Samsung, it is actually dependent on one but having s tidy desktops with no extra wires lying about sounds really amazing.

Samsung monitor

11 Photos of the Advancement of New Samsung Monitor

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