Android 5.1 released: waiting game

Nexus 5 Update Android 5.1

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Android 5.1 has come out, but we must play the waiting game to see how all phones and tablets are going to be updated. The Google platform has updated to give people a better experience, but that does not mean that people will get the updates all at the same time. Apple users have already gotten their update, and now people with Google tablets and phones have to wonder when they are going to get the Android 5.1 update.

What is new in Android 5.1

You must remember that the provider of your service is going to allow you to get the update when they are ready. The phones are programmed to check for updates, but the network that you are given is where the updates come from. You must wait for Android 5 1 update longer than your friends who have Apple products.

The new update is going to help you with the use of your phone, and you will be able to better organize the things that you have on your devices. You must remember that these updates will look foreign to you, and you will need to spend a little time figuring out how it works.

The new update from Android is going to make all phones a little easier to use, but you have to get used to the update first. Wait for your provider to send out the update, and check out what it can do for you.

Install Flash Player for Android 5.1

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