Apple iPod Touch 8 GB

Apple iPod Touch 8Gb 2nd Generation

Apple  called the stetting child’s iPod family. He’s a real looker, but not at all cheap! Is also the sound and picture quality as high as the price? Here you can find all details about the new flash-based MP3 player from Apple.

Short Description:
iPod Touch called Apple ‘s new top model of its flash-based MP3 player. Looking more closely, he is not much less than an iPhone has simply omitted it from the phone and camera. There are but a model with 16 GB of memory – twice as much as the iPhone. Otherwise, you can find practically only similarities: The iPod Touch is the same touch-sensitive 3.5-inch multi-touch display capable of displaying (320 x 480 pixels) and has similar dimensions, is eight millimeters in thickness, even thinner than the iPhone.

Apple Ipod Touch 2nd Generation

Surf via WiFi: Even wireless Internet is on board. Via WiFi connection (when the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch no longer the “Airport”) calls it latches into the Internet. As an internet browser Safari is used. So the biggest hurdle for mobile browsing is via WLAN taken, since most mobile Internet devices have failed so far to the simple fact that you can access a website and enter a password in order to establish a connection via Wi-Fi hotspot. With Safari on the iPod Touch this is no longer a problem. Almost incidentally, the iPod is thus a true mobile Internet machine.

Software as the iPhone’s software features of the iPod Touch is barely lower than the iPhone. In addition to music you can hear also view photos and video – directly on YouTube. If you rotate the iPod touch horizontally, the image is rotated and enlarged to full screen size. Speaking of videos: Unlike the iPhone, the iPod Touch (like the Nano and the Classic), a video output, which you can connect it to a TV and enjoy photos and movies from the comfort of your couch. Same pinout as Apple iPod AV cable costs 20 €.

Move the iTunes Music Store purchase: The calendar is, as its address book, clock and calculator. The trick is to wirelessly but the new mobile iTunes WiFi Music Store over the one in iTunes on your Mac or PC search for and download music and buy songs instantly. This new application, Apple will soon be upgraded to the iPhone via software update. You will not find the e-mail client, Google Maps and some other Internet applications that Apple mitliefert the iPhone. However: one can assume that the iPhone applications run on the iPod Touch. So it’s only a matter of time before Apple offered the functionality for the iPod Touch, or just hacking the missing programs are transferred from the iPhone to the iPod Touch.

Apple iPod Touch 8GB Review

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