Save Your Battery and Put Most Songs in Playlists by disabling the Connect Tab on Apple Music on Your Mac, PC, or iPhone

Disable connect tab in apple music

Many people like many of the newly implemented features in Apple Music and many of them are quite useful, but a few of them like the new Launch tabs does nothing but clutter up the screen and ruin the user experience. If you have Apple Music enabled on your iPhone, then you there is a tab called Connect. It contains feeds and updates about musicians and releases.

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Apple Connect lets you keep informed about new albums and songs, but if you are not interested in reading about that, then you can change the tab to carry more useful playlists. This is the easiest way to get rid of the Apple Connect tab, if you think that you don’t want it. Just take the following steps:

1. First, launch “Settings” on your iPhone and go to “General.”
2. In General, open Restrictions and enter your passcode and change the toggle button on the Connect tab to the “OFF” position.
That is all that you have to do and when you leave the Settings, you will see that the Connect tab is gone and has been replaced by a playlists tab and will be much less cluttered.


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Disabling the Connect Tab in Apple Music on a Mac or PC

If you access your Apple Music account or your PC or Mac through iTunes, then you should use the following steps to fix the Connect tab over there:

1. After opening iTunes, go to the Setting menu. For the PC, Edit > Preferences and for the Mac, you would go to Preferences in OS X.
2. In the iTunes Preferences, just click on the Parental tab, then click the “Disable” box that is next to Apple Music Connect. Then, click OK to save your changes.
Getting rid of the Connect tab will save you on battery life on your mobile device since it causes the device to stay connected so it can stream content.

Now, you are sure to see a significant improvement as well as having a much clearer and simpler interface for Apple Music.

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