Atari’s New iPhone App Unlocks Classic Games

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Atari’s New iPhone App

Atari is one of the most well known names in the world of classic an retro gaming. Atari has already had some great success with re-releases of classic games for mobile platforms. However, Atari is taking a very different approach to their classic gaming releases in this new app. This classic gaming company is looking to get gamers out there active. There are many fitness apps out there to motivate users to get fit, but not many fitness apps that have paired themselves with retro gaming. This is exactly what this classic gaming company is looking to do. With this new app, individuals will be able to unlock great classic games by completing fitness goals.

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 iPhone gemesThis iPhone app is a great way for those who love gaming to fit in some exercise in there as well. This iPhone app turns your iPhone into a great motivational tool for your workouts. Your iPhone gemes will now be able to give you great motivation to be more active. If you want to unlock more gemes, you will need to get out there and accomplish your fitness goals. This app is not exclusive to iOS, as it will also work on Android phones. There are many apps that are exclusive to iOS only, but this is an Android compatible app as well.

Nintendo has been quite behind the times. We are not able to find as many Nintendo apps on different app stores. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo jumps onto this bandwagon and gets into the mobile game. There will be many great classics missing from the app store until this legendary gaming company fully adopts mobile technology.

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With multiplayer support and plenty of social features, it’s one you can enjoy with your buddies, and also – perhaps most importantly – it’s free of charge, so download it right away.

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(Download: Atari Fit for iPhone on the App Store)

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