Can a $4 Android Smartphone really exist?

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Do $4 (Rs. 251) smartphone running the latest Android apps sounds too good to be true. There is no way a phone running the latest technology cost so little. However, a little known tech firm in India has announced they are releasing such thing. The company took reservations, which it promptly had to close due to overwhelming demand. This of course has created quite a stir even having on of Indian MPs calling the phone a ‘ponzi scam.’

It’s not exactly known why MP Kirit Somaiya would use ponzi scheme, which is a type of financial fraud where new victims fund payouts for the older ones. However, he’s confident enough to speak about this in public. Contrasting MP Kirit, MP Murli by his presence has given legitimacy to the phone. It seems that the phone is making quite a stir at the highest levels.

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Looking further in, the specs make the phone a possibility. The device was said to feature a 4-inch qHD (960×540) LCD, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, a 1,450mAh battery, and a 1.3GHz quad-core processor. These specs make the phone on the low end of the market, however they’re good enough to run Android apps and make the costs a possibility.

However, there are many unanswered things about this phone. Some think it’s made by a Chinese smartphone maker called Adcom. The case is most definitely the Ikon 4 and it seems that the Adcom branding was smudged out in the photos. With all this, would you try out a $4 smart phone?

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