Cellphones Radiation and Cancer Related Illnesses

Cell Phones Transmit Radiation

Fear has come to users everywhere. It has been confirmed, cell phones use, can, cause, cancer. Yep, radioactive rays from iPod, iPhones, IOS, and iPads are perpetuating this health destroying illness. The fact that so many are unaware of this makes it even more frightening. Everyday users are getting closer to having cancer from these everyday devices.

Cellphones and brain cancer

Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

Accumulated data shows, cellphones can damage DNA. Radiofrequencies can result in skin problems, headaches, exhaustion and cancer.

Twenty minutes of cellphones usage, for five years, enhances the chance of brain cancer by three times as much. A usage of the device for an hour for four years increases the probability of certain cancers, three to five times.

Although brain cancer rates are relatively low, people are still getting this disease at a rate higher than normal when using cell phones. At least 6.4 per 100,000 suffer from brain cancer that may take up to 30 years to manifest itself.

Learn About Cell Phone Radiation

The study was performed on adults using cellphones for at least 10 years. The damage exerted upon children is far more destructive. Considering their cellular structure is definitely more sensitive.

Lessen your risk of cell phone contamination by making use of your hand free adapter. This is a means of protecting your head from the damaging effects of the radiofrequencies in cell phones.

13 Photos of the Cellphones Radiation and Cancer Related Illnesses

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