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Cheeta Note Smartphone

As you all know, the smartphone has replaced a lot of everyday things. The Smartphone has replaced things like the widget and other utilities. There are other things it does too. One of the best features is with the notepad. The notepad for iOS allows me to talk about the Cheetah Note. The Cheetah Note and notepad go hand-in-hand. Just use the widget and you can get right in.

I will make a disclaimer here. The notepad app is not designed to be the best note pad app. It’s designed to be the best widget for iOS 8. There is a difference between being a good app, and being a good widget for iOS 8. The Cheetah Note is designed to help you take more organized notes. It also creates notes with more ease and convenience. You can even use this on your iPod or any other iOS system.


Cheetah Phone

Once you take the notes, just save them on the clipboard. You can access them at any time. This “creates notes” feature makes it more accessible, especially when you need to make changes.

Cheetah created this feature, a feature which is separate from the iOS notes. You can use the other ones too, but the Cheetah is much more organized and accessible. If you are already using the stock notes feature, you can make the switch easily. You can even make the switch on your iPod. If you are someone who creates notes on a regular basis, you might want to make the switch. It comes at a good buy too. It comes in at $0.99. Not bad, huh!

For such people, Cheetah Note is a good $0.99 buy. I have used it myself, and can say it is worth your time if you regularly work with notes.

Do yourself a favor and get the Cheetah Notes widget today. I did and it saved my life!


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