Comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to the Appl ipad Air 2

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Individuals often want to know about which tablets to purchase. Some of the tablets that could be a possibility would be The Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2The Tab 2 as it stands now will be hitting stores in August. This is one of the important things to note about this tablet. This new tablet was unrolled quietly by Samsung with no fanfare whatsoever. What is so special about this tablet and how would it stack up against Apple Air. It seems as though the two tablets are similar and have some of the same things going for them. These are some of the top tablets that are available for users. Those who are looking for some of the best tablets can look for no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and Apple ipad Air 2 for the best in cycling.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

The Tab S2 runs on Android Lollipop 5.o version. One of the great things about he new Tab is it’s 8 core octo chip which should make it one of the fastest processors out there. This is one of the options to note. The choices between the two is that with the ipad air it carries the patented Apple design. The two devices are very similar and when you look at the two you will notice they have the options you are looking for. It is one of the choices you need and can use. The Tab S2 comes already loaded with Microsoft Office Solutions, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others. These are some of the similarities you can find with the two systems. The Samsung tab is even smaller and thinner than the already lightweight ipad air.

Some of the merits of the S2 are the fact that it has 3GB RAM, and a 5,870mAh which is something that makes the device user friendly and something that can allows users some of the best in speed, light weight operation and advanced battery and memory options. Compare the two devices, to make certain you have the tablet you need. One that is even lighter and thinner then the already thin and portable Apple ipad air would be the S2.

The only down side is that the ipad air 2 is the options that the Samsung Galaxy tab S2 copied a little too closely. IT really is not so different from the ipad air other than being slightly thinner and smaller. Make certain to get the choices you need when you are looking for a quality tablet. You could do worse with these quality tablets. Of course quality comes at a price and neither of these tablets are inexpensive. The price is something that simply should be taken into consideration.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

There are options you can f2048×1536 resolution and 264 PPI with the S2 tablet. It runs on an Android processing system as mentioned previously. You have a choice of a 9.7 inch or 8 inch model in a thinner package than the ipad air with more storage space and longer battery life.

The Samsung and the Apple devices are similar ins size with the Samsung in size as mentioned with the Samsung tab being smaller and thinner than the Apple device. This is one of the facts of note about the device and why it shines. It is one of the options that you can use for a quality Tablet. the S2 It has a brilliant AMOLED device, which allows illuminated reading on the device and should retail at 499.00.

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