Crowdfunded game Star Citizen earns 1 million backers

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Star Citizen is the newest in the field of online fighting games. It is a crowdfunded venture that can now boast that it has 1 million backers. It is proving that the game could possibly become a household name.

The 1 million backers that have helped with the game have helped raise $93 million (£60m) towards the development of the game. Star Citizen and their developers have decided to help award those who contribute to the crowdfunding drive. Star Citizen will now be available for free to any person who happens to be put any cash towards the development of the game.

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The campaign for Star Citizen was launched back in 2012 though the crowdfunding site, KickStarter. The original funding goal was $500,000, which is the equivalent of £300,000. Reknowned games maker Chris Roberts came on board the Star Citizen team and seen a sudden increase in funding of $24 million by the time the KickStarter campaign came to an end. Roberts is best as being the brains behind the popular Wing Commander game.

‘When I first started on this adventure, I would have never dreamed we would ever have this many people and this much support in building Star Citizen’ said Roberts in a message on the Star Citizen official website. In the open letter written by Roberts, he stated that people who contribute to the crowdfund campaign would get free access to the game.

Actors Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, and Gillian Anderson will be contibuting voices for some of the characters of Star Citizen.

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