Developing Computer Brain Technology TrueNorth In The Treatment Of Epilepsy

Virtual brain technology

The latest inroads into mimicking human intelligence is being developed by researchers into computerized thinking processes. The process is attempting to duplicate the brains natural abilities to collect information from its environment and to process it in a way that makes sense to the user. The process uses technology TrueNorth that creates computers that can follow a human brain as it is collecting information. The end hoped for result is that the computer can step in and change its reaction to that information.

This technology TrueNorth is planned on being used in the study of epileptic seizures that involve massive electrical brain action. The end result is to use the technology to discover patterns in encephalogram taken of epileptics and use them to determine the next seizure. The human brain operates over fifteen thousand times faster than the digital computer. Researchers are looking into using electrical encephalograms to increase the speed of computers in interpreting brain processes. Researchers into creating computer chips that are built to resemble neural transmitters in the real brain are hoping to use these chips in collecting data from the human brain being treated for a disease like epilepsy. These computer chips that act as electrical encephalograms can be used to predict the onset of a seizure in the epileptic which could allow the doctor or the patient to administer medication if medication is warranted.

Dealing with the Brain Technology

This research involves the physical wearing of computer chips that need electrical power to continue functioning even when being worn by the person. The electrical energy being studied as a source of power is to come from the persons clothes or other source on the person himself. The computer chip needs to be designed to actually require only the amount of electrical power that the person can emit while wearing the chip. This technology TrueNorth is currently being studied for the treatment of epilepsy.

16 Photos of the Developing Computer Brain Technology TrueNorth In The Treatment Of Epilepsy

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