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Listen up Windows fans! We usually do not hear a lot in the news about Windows games even though there are many different games available. There is some news that you may want to pay attention to. Disney is releasing new games Dodo Pop for Windows phones and devices that run on Windows 8.
Dodo Pop
These games will be fun and help you pass the time. Dodo Pop is a free game for Windows phone. In this game you will have to help a lost bird find its home. You do so by solving puzzles and bursting gumballs and balls to find the path home. The game has a simple plot that is easy to follow.

In order to move you need to match up and burst balls of the same color. There are many levels in this game. Each level increases in difficulty. You have to complete the level in a set number of moves or the level is failed. The gumballs that need to be popped are starred. There is a shake button you can use to mix things up.
There are several Power Ups including and coins to help you with the game play. You can use these things to increase the number of moves you have.

Dodo Pop Review addictive Windows Phone

A power meter will be on the screen as well. When the meter is full a bonus ball will appear. This can help you burst balls of the same color.

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