Geekbench 3 Benchmarks: Reduced iPhone Performance With Jailbreak

iPad Air 2 vs. Surface Pro 3 Benchmarks


Having an iOS that is jail broke allows you to have all the extras installed that will make your life much easier. It’s a must have for the tweak-savvy individual. What studies are showing is that jail broke tweaks are not friendly to the device as once was thought. Users are reporting trouble with overall iPhone performance when certain benchmarks are used on their Ipod and iPhone. The iPod and phone’s operating systems are more to blame than the benchmarks being used.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Appears Online

What is Causing The Slow Downs?

Geekbench is a workstation benchmark, with a novel counting system that splits single-core and multi-core presentation, and offers newfangled capabilities that mimic everyday situations. It is often used to test the mobile phone and see if the operating system is working efficiently.

The other popular one is Cydia. This one allows users to run these tweaks on the iOS devices and enhance their usage. Jailbreak tweaks can be a song with metadata display widgets, or even something as difficult as an automator for tasks. If the device is jail broke, then this app can be disabled to allow the device to be rebooted.

iPad Air 2 vs. Surface Pro 3 Benchmarks

Reduced iPhone performance with Jailbreak

Some users are stating that when the Geekbench score will drop when they are using Cydia Substrate or it is turned on. Some say that the difference is negligible, but for others they are complaining of a drop of more than 50%. Doing some investigation has discovered this app is not to blame for these reductions in usage. Because Geekbench is a CPU based product, if any app is keeping the CPU components busy when benchmarking, the score will be affected. Cydia doesn’t put a huge load on the systems resources, however, the tweaks do.

Using widgets to help further the overall usage of the gadget is advisable. However, many people are leery due to some negative reports. These benchmarks can extend the usage from a phone and no inhibit it. Further investigation should be done to ensure that all items downloaded are worth the price and or system restraints they carry.


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