$100,000. Gold Apple Watch Version Launched by Brikk

Gold Plating Apple Watch pictures

The first Lux Gold Apple Watch is due to be launched by Brikk for Apple s Official release on April 24, 2015. It will be released in 24 carat yellow gold, 18 carat pink gold and 950 platinum. Apple has gone fancy with their watches, to out the best ones out there.

Lux Watch Versions


The Lux Watch Standard has a single row of diamonds totaling .50 carats circling the face. It comes with a leather strap. It is easy to operate.

The Lux Watch Deluxe has 2.3 carats of diamonds surrounding the face. I also comes with diamond buttons on the leather strap with a diamond clasp. It’s very impressive that Apple has gone diamonds!

The Lux Omni Gold Apple Watch Version is an high end instrument with many diamonds with additional bling added to it. This has a full diamond wrap case and diamond wrap wrist band made of 12 carats of diamonds. The only downfall is wearing this in the sun or bright lights could hinder your eyesight.

Lux Prices

Gold plated Apple Watch

The standard goes for $7,495, which is expensive. The Lux Deluxe Gold Watch goes for $11,995. There are versions that Brigg.com has that are higher than that. They are selling the Omni for a whopping $109,995.

All the Lux Watch Versions will be released on Apple s official release date. Although prices are starting off high, they will be going down in the next year or two. Having a credit card really helps here for those who want one right away. Brigg is taking orders right now and they are planning to send out their high end version of the Gold Apple watches 4-6 weeks after the official release date. Have a good time sporting them while showing your family and friends.

12 Photos of the $100,000. Gold Apple Watch Version Launched by Brikk

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