Google Creates Their Own Payment System Called Android Pay

Difference between Samsung Pay and Android Pay

First Apple created their own type of mobile buying and payment system known as Apple Pay. Now it would seem that Google has decided to jump on the band wagon themselves with their own type of payment system known as Android Pay. The new payment system will soon be made available to those visiting the Google App Store online.

android pay

Android Pay

Android pay will allow members to store information such as their credit and debit cards. The service will include such retailers as Macy’s and Subway just to name a few that will be participating from day one. The service will give its users an opportunity to shop with confidence without their information such as credit card numbers being shared with retailers, but keep confidential within the App itself. This is done in a measure to help individuals to avoid having their identity stolen.

So, will Google give Apple a race for their money? Well, it would seem that these two may have more then each other to worry about, since Samsung is also entering the payment app arena. Just last month Samsung tested their new payment system called Samsung Pay and Korea. The plan is to now launch it in the United States on September 28th, and then to continue to grow the app in other markets throughout the world. Where as Google Pay remains only available in the United States and at the moment no further plans seem to be in place to take it to international market as well.

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