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Bayonetta Hero of Hyrule by EvilMaybe

Many are familiar with Google and all their fun Easter eggs that can be found. And don’t forget the Pokemon eggs they used for Google maps. Allowing users to look over the globe and collect Pokemon in 2014 as part of their April Fools celebration. Now join the hero of Hyrule, Link, in his newest adventure on Google Maps. With sword and shield in hand, Link points the way for users to know orientation on the Google maps. Google and Nintendo have partnered up for this fun little adventure in honor of the release of the new Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for the Wii U.

With the original breaking out on the Wii in 2006, it was hidden behind the revolution of motion sensors. This remake drops away the gimmicks that have joined the release in the past when showing off their new motion sensors and controls. Now it goes back to its roots to the old game style we all know and love. Though its flaws may be more apparent that doesn’t take away from the over all experience of the game.

Google maps

If still doubting the worth of this HD remake, coming out a little over nine years from the original, then feel free to check out the review also available and decide for yourself if taking a trip to the past is exactly what you want to do. Without the distracting new idea of shooting arrows out the tip of your controller or new hardware, and with the darker themes of the game, it is sure to still offer much for everyone to enjoy.

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