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Advancement in monthly Android security patches Samsung and Google harmoniously have announced monthly security updates and the information about LG is that it is on the way too. What this means is that Google will develop updates and Samsung, and LG will put them to action with immediate effect. However, since this will come with a whole token of the fee to them, definitely small-capital device producers will not afford thus, and they won’t go for it. This advancement is there to curb security scares that have been paining the users for a length of time.

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This has come to an abrupt rise due to a widespread bug. This could allow exploitation of your Android via MMS. Several announcements have been doing rounds on other devices and maybe stage fright bug provided a good stage to make announcements beforehand.

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People would find Android updates quite troublesome, but they are very important because often, Google would not advertise updates before they test them with nexus and develop them. Taking them seriously thus makes ideas a little clear for you. The priority is to OEM partners like Samsung and LG whenever something of their concern like stage-fright patch surfaces.

Since Nexus is the component that test, Nexus users will comparatively get a lot of updates. Some would come on a monthly basis and without any carriers to bar their progress. This would translate into the idea that even Samsung and LG users will equally share the influx of disseminated updates.

It should as well be noted that these updates come after about three years after the devices are released. With the passing of time, however, the monthly basis updates are bound to reduce its pace and you as the user will not be expecting them as often as ever before.

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