Google Sunroof Lifts the Lid on Solar Power

Google Sunroof

Now that Google has finally concluded is enormous venture at restructuring itself using the Alphabet label, one of Google’s most promising new ventures is called, Google Sunroof. Even though some of Google’s previous ventures have involved direct hardware rollouts, Sunroof is more informational and evangelical in nature. The message is that solar energy is feasible and can improve all of our lives by providing a ready, handy and available renewable energy resource. While currently only in operation near Google’s headquarters in Fresno, Silicon Valley, and also in Boston, the message is sure to be soon brought to homes across the nation.

google sunroof

Project Sunroof Will Convince

What Google hopes to get started in a gradual slide toward solar integration that will sweep the nation. They do not envision the solar adoption process as something that will take hold suddenly, but rather an evolving process of adaption and adoption. Unlike some other alternative energy forms that have come to the market rapidly, solar energy integration will take hold slowly, but surely. As well, Google’s aim is not to find or invent the most technologically advanced solar panel, but to find and distribute appropriate and adequately functional solar cells and to do so gradually and pervasively enough that the solar technology infrastructure can be integrated and updated over time as newer and better technology arise.

Google has since quickly discovered that solar energy integration is infiltrating certain parts of the nation very well; there are since significant regions that have not embraced the technology and have greeted Google’s initiative with much skepticism and obstruction. Google suggests that they do not seem to understand what they are losing in money savings over the long-term as well as the amounts of solar power that is bouncing off of their unpaneled roofs. Google’s Sunroof initiative seeks to address these issues and encourage property owners to make the investment now and begin generating their own solar power and save money.

Project Sunroof of Google Calculates

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