Google’s Eddystone vs. Apple’s iBeacon (PC vs MAC)

Reality matters

Google has released its combative Eddystone beacon technology to rival Apple’s well known and highly utilized iBeacon technology. As Eddystone open-source capabilities allow it to be device multi-compatible as compared to Apple’s well known iBeacon, which however are typically compatible only with IOS and certain high end Android devices.The Eddystone beacon also offers the ability to not only send but ALSO receive information.

iBeacon has already sown roots into several major retailers around the globe. Not to mention the reliability and security of any iOS device compared to a similar PC based device greatly increases the chances that Apple will remain ahead of the beacon technology market.

An Introduction to Apple iBeacon

While the idea of Eddystone’s “open-source” does appear intriguing, little is known about the exact potential of the device. It uses a URL based advertisement basically resembling that of a QR Code/Wi-Fi whereas any software can pick up the information that is within range. Certainly a valuable trait, but nevertheless making Eddystone extremely vulnerable.

Despite rumors of creating an iBeacon emulator that is reverse compatible with Eddystone, in essence the originality of the iBeacon will prevail, it will hard to duplicate Apple’s security and reliability, let alone the devices entire functionality.


11 Photos of the Google’s Eddystone vs. Apple’s iBeacon (PC vs MAC)

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