Gordon Freeman on Your Wrist: Modders Fit Half-Life on Smartwatches 2015


“Can it run DOOM?” has long been the game modder’s standard for testing system flexibility, but the classic FPS might be retired from service in favor of the critically acclaimed adventures of Gordon Freeman.

That’s right: modders have managed to fit Half-Life onto a smartwatches 2015.

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Apocalyptic flaming doom bringer of hell

Half-Life worked fairly on a single-core Cortex-A7 CPU with a DX9-class GPU, thanks to the game’s lack of multi-threading. The LG G Watch runs on a Qualcomm MSM8226 with an Adreno 305 GPU (a much higher GPU than on the standard PC when the game first shipped).

Of course, actually playing the game on the watch’s 1.65-inch touch screen is near impossible, and attempting to play is likely to have stability issues, overheat the system and use up the battery in no time flat, but it’s the principle of the thing; the mod shows just how far technology has gone in the past couple decades.

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The port of Half-Life uses the SDLash application, which emulates Half-Life’s original GoldSource engine (used since Quake and heavily modified by the Valve team to accommodate Half-Life).

As technology’s capabilities continue to increase exponentially, this experiment gives us an exciting glimpse into the near future. Mobile technology companies will eventually crank out 14nm or 10nm smartwatches that could play Half-Life without draining the battery or burning your wrist. Perhaps the next big Twitch streaming fad will be seeing who can lead Gordon Freeman to victory on a 1.65-inch screen.

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