Health Apps. Track diseases

Monitoring to Track Diseases

Sometimes knowing what diseases or illnesses found around your home can help you take precautions to stay healthy. There are apps that can make people aware of illnesses that are going around their neighborhood.
On October 16 the app will provide a summer health report and track diseases.

Healthy Day
If you are not feeling well this app will let you see if people that live near you are experiencing the same symptoms. If you are feeling good you can see what illnesses are going around. The app will provide a map where health conditions were ported. You can view to track diseases this any date and time in your area.

Health apps
track diseases

medical app with a computer illustration design over white


This app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones. The app can also predict health condition in your area or areas that you are planning on traveling to. This app will also post sickness alerts on Facebook and Twitter. Users can report if they are sick and what they are feeling. They can post anonymously so no one will know their identity. You can also rate how sick you are feeling on a sick score.

Apps for Health Information

Lyme Disease Tick Map
This is available in the Apple store. It was developed by the American Lyme Disease Foundation. The app will show what areas are experiencing an outbreak of ticks. The app will also give tips on how to prevent contracting Lyme disease.

HealthMap: Outbreaks Near Me
This app uses real time information and will alert you immediately if there is a health outbreak in your area. The experts at the Boston Children’s Hospital designed this appl. Users can add to the healthy report by location and can even attach a picture of their illness.

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