How to Block Incoming Unknown Calls on Android

Block a Number on Android

Not all calls that ring on our phones is necessary. Some of them are spams while others are just for purposes of irritating us.

How to Block Unknown Incoming Calls

In order to add a number to the voicemail, it is necessary that the number has called you once. Tap the Phone icon and switch to the recent tab to see the number if you haven’t added it as a contact (to add a number to voicemail, it must be saved in contacts).

Report Receiving Calls from Unknown Numbers

As an Android user, it is important to know that there is a new application that works to block all the Unknown Calls, and hence we stay relaxed and with a peace of mind. There are many ways to stop and block annoying incoming calls on Android. The easiest one incorporates adding the number to the voicemail. This works to direct all unwanted calls to the voicemail and saves you the inconvenience of experiencing the irritating calls.

For an Android phone user to be in a position to block a call, the number to be blocked must have called their phone at least once. Another thing to note is that you can only block a number if it is saved to the contact list of the Android phone. Make sure you add the number to be blocked in the contact list with a name. Open the contact where you saved it and look for the menu icon. Tap on it. Now go further and look for the icon “All Calls to Voicemail.”

After adding the number to voicemail, you will be sure that the call will not be allowed to ring on your phone ever again.

Caller ID amp Blocking Android Apps

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