How to delete Microsoft’s unwanted Windows 10 download files

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Microsoft will Windows 10 download onto a device even if the user does not want it. There is a way to tell if this has been downloaded onto your computer. Check you C: Windows directory. You will be able to see the Explorer and look in files and folders for hidden downloads.

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With Windows 7 you will have to click Tools then Folder Options. From there you click show hidden files and folders. With Windows 8 click on the View tab and then select Hidden Items. Check the directory for $ WINDOWS.~BT. Be sure to check carefully as this file may be hidden. You can delete this but it does not mean Microsoft will stop automatically downloading things. You need to remove a specific update called KB3035583.

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KB3035583 is described by Microsoft as the How to Get Windows 10 download app. This can be uninstalled by going to the control panel and then going to Programs and Features. From here you can select view installed updates and block this program.

Uncertain Situations
There are some downloading situations they are not fully understood. Windows history will show when KB3035583 has been downloaded and the user may know nothing about it. There is no record of the installation or failed installation. Windows checks for updates and automatically installs them and this may be how the file is being downloaded.

A 6GB operating system is not a big deal on a 500GB hard drive but will take up a lot of space on an older windows computer. Microsoft claims that Windows 10 has a faster processor.

Microsoft is not an evil corporation. They have failed to consider the needs of customers or have written them off as unimportant.

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