How To Find Songs By iOs Siri

How To View Songs That You Have Asked Siri To Identify

How-To-View-SongsThere are so many great songs out there, be they current or one of the older ones. Tell me one person who doesn’t listen to their song list on an iPod. Tell me one person who doesn’t look to iTunes to get the latest and greatest hits. It gets so overwhelming sometimes, that it gets difficult to identify certain songs. How many of us have heard a song on the radio and didn’t know who did it. We wait to hear some of those “songs identified” segments, but it never happened.


Get Song Lyrics with Siri

This is where I’d like to introduce something called Shazam. It’s one of those things that can identify any song from your song list. It doesn’t matter if you are listening to iTunes or something off your iPod, Shazam will identify it for you. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better then this, Apple introduced us to Siri. Siri is that woman who you speak to over your phone.

Did you notice there is one main problem with this feature on your iOs? Did you notice that sometimes the listings on your “songs identified” is not easy to locate? Well there is a simple solution. In order to get the music on your iOS better organized, we came up with a simple step-by-step guide.


How To View Songs That You Have Asked Siri To Identify

1) Open up your iTunes features app and go to the settings.



2) You should see a tab for the Siri girl”. Hit that.

3) This should take care of your problems right there.



Another great reason to use this feature is the songs themselves. You obviously selected these songs for a reason. She remembers this. The next time you are in, she will play them for you automatically. You can also buy them right away. Just go into the music app store and locate the songs. Purchase and download right away. Unlike the other features, she keeps them all in a tidy location. Not one song, album or artist will get lost.

If you haven’t signed up for this app already, please do so. You won’t regret it. You can listen to the music you like with ease, and at any time you like.


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