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Managing office files on iPad can be done quite easily. Microsoft Office for iPad works very well with the One Drive. Probably the best thing to do is to secure an One Drive account before you attempt to do anything else.

A One Drive account will more than likely give you a generous amount of storage space. Extra storage space will allow you to save almost any office type document for future use. In addition, almost any kind of file can easily be stored in the One Drive.

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Office files on iPad can create a variety of new documents instantly. In addition, Excel and Power Point files can be easily created and stored for immediate or future use. In addition, any files that you create and save can easily be shared with others.
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Any new file you create using iPad will automatically appear within your One Drive on your computer. The three main apps that you will use on a regular basis include Power Point, Word and Excel. These applications are the most commonly used for important office related documents. Storing information using the three common apps can help the office functioning in a more organized manner.

All files that you create along the way can be accessed at any time by simply clicking on the icons that you created. You basically have the option of keeping the newly created icons visible or you may hide them from view at any time.

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There are four main functions which will help you manage office related files on iPad in a more efficient and organized fashion. First, auto save enables any changes or additions to the file to be automatically saved to the One Drive. Next, duplicate essentially will reproduce any created document for future or immediate usage. Restore, will enable you to search for and restore any document that has not been used in while or a document that you possibly deleted unknowingly. Last, Printing the document that you wish to review.

When working with office documents using iPad a rename file option does not exist. However, the rename file option has been replaced with the duplicate file option. The duplicate file option essentially does the exact same thing that the rename file option did. It simply takes a little getting used when earning to replace the rename option with the duplicate file option.

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