How to pick the right password? How often do I change my password?

Password Managers Compared LastPass vs KeePass

Hackers have gotten more than 11 million passwords just from the Ashley Madison site alone. The UK government release new guidelines for Internet security and how to pick the right password. There are some common passwords that are easy for hackers to guess. How do you go about pick the right password?

Password Issues
Many websites require that a password contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, and a symbol. This may not be as secure as people think. In order to remember the password people write them down. They also use the same password on different websites.

Best Password Managers
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To pick the right password does not have to be long or complicated. Secure systems should have extra security to check for unusual activity on the user accounts.

Length or Strength?
Some experts state that a person should use a short phrase. They will provide additional protection. A longer password is preferable but not perfect. Passwords are often entered in touch screen devices and longer ones can be difficult to enter. They can be discovered through the use of malware.

Password Managers Compared LastPass vs KeePass

How often do I change my password?
Many sites want you to change your password every 30 days. People may not pick secure passwords or may reuse them. There is no reason to change the password regally unless suspicious activity is present.

Password managers
There are apps that will help a person with their password if they forget it. They will give you another password or store the one you have. They can still be attacked by hackers. If their phone is stolen a hacker can have access to this information.

What to do?
In addition to entering a password many websites want you to enter a security code as well. Sites such as Facebook and Google have two factor authorization users do not have to pay for. It is something to consider for additional security.

The Ashley Madison leak reminded people that their passwords are not always secure. The typical person uses the same password for around four accounts. Never reuse the same password. Not all websites offer quality protection. Use unique passwords and be sure to keep track of them.

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