How to Turn Laptop into a Wireless

Development of Wireless Technology

Wifi Technology: It’s the wave of the present. Now, nearly every computer or handhold device can be connected to a wifi network.

But that can depend on whether you are anywhere near an area that has a wifi connection; in some areas that may be possible, but in other areas you may find no wifi at all. But there’s a solution to that problem: personal wireless hotspots.


Personal wireless hotspots are small devices that are basically the Internet in your pocket; you can take it virtually anywhere. But what if you don’t happen to have an personal wireless hotspot? Then what? You can use your own laptop as a wireless hotspot. Yes, you can actually use your laptop as a wireless hotspot, in this way you can have wireless Internet wherever you go. But how do I set up my laptop so that it functions as a wireless hotspot. Like the saying goes, it’s easy when you know how, and here are the basic steps you need to take to turn your laptop into your very own wireless hotspot:

1-Go to Control Panel and click on “Network and Sharing” Center

2-Go to “Change Adapter Settings”



3-It’s important to make sure your LAN connection to the Internet is properly set up

4-Make sure your wifi adapter is also properly enabled

5-Go back to “Network and Sharing” Center and click in “Set up New Connection”; then click on “Set up a wireless ad-hoc network”


6-Once that has been established, you need to give your network a name, whichever you may choose.

7-Then click “connect”, afterward, you should be able to automatically to the Internet.

And that’s it, you’ve just turned your laptop into your own personal hotspot. You shouldn’t have any problems connecting to the Internet in the future, now you can connect anywhere. Enjoy your new wireless hotspot: your laptop.

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