The little-known top 12 games for iPhone

iphone-games Follow Me on Pinterest Attention to this list drawn up by the people of Techradar with some of the best unknown games for iPhone (or iPod Touch). They are games of payment, but in some the price is very small, so it’s worth taking a look at. Who knows what gems we may be losing.

Bank Panic: A tribute to the classic Nintendo Game & Watch. Our mission is to save the bankers that he jumped from the crisis. All can make a play.
Blue Defense: This is a shooter in the purest style of TAITO Space Invaders. The trick is that to control the direction of our fire must tilt the iPhone.
Bounce On: A platform game in which we operate by taking advantage of the motion detection Apple terminal.
Critter Crunch: Critter Crunch is a puzzle game in which our goal is to make eating monsters or other monsters over. Something like an update of the famous Columns.

Dr. Awesome: For physicians frustrated. The goal of Dr. Awesome is to operate our friends and contacts using the movements of the terminal.
Electrogravitron: Another game that uses motion detection of the iPhone in its mechanics. In this case the goal is to get blue balls from entering a particular area of the screen.
Elissa: In this game the goal is to destroy and planets combine to scroll through each level.
Flyloop: In Flyloop have to draw circles around butterflies display the same color to combine them until we have only one of each type.
Giant Metal Robot: We have a giant robot, a girl and her pet. On the roof of a building and skeletons are attacking them. Our goal is to use the giant robot to smash the skeletons without killing the girl. Simple and silly, but apparently a lot of fun.
iPolygon: Another game in which the accelerometer takes center stage. Here we have to tilt and rotate the terminal to form various polygons at each level.
Pinball Fantasies: A pinball, not much more to explain. We’ve all played one once and always fun.
Westbang: One of those shooters that our reflexes are key. We are within a bank and we have to shoot the outlaws who come to steal it. However, be careful to not shoot at the citizens who are making it into their savings.

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