IBM’s Watson Project: Critique The Tone Of Your Writing

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Technology has advanced to the point whereby computers may actually have a personality themselves. Software is required, but it remains an interesting concept nonetheless. IBM is prepared to unveil its Watson project to awaiting guests and industry insiders. Watson has acquired the ability to follow terminology and even tone of speech within writing samples. With some subtle variations, the program will have the capacity to evaluate writing excerpts submitted by almost anyone.
Watson project
These experimental developments are typically referred to as learning machines. That term has given rise to several prominent examples, but IBM’s Watson remains a popular choice. He can provide recommendations for word choices that will add to the sophistication of any particular subject. Initial testing has given rise to some prominent questions surrounding the applicability of computerized feedback.

IBM defined tone according to three broad categories: openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness. Developers noted that cheerful writing samples indicated that content would be happy. Similarly, angry or perturbed writing was an early warning of malicious content being produced. Moods took off from there and became a focal point of further developments ever since. IBM is capable of programming Watson itself to track these features and judge content based on its wording.

Watson project

8 Photos of the IBM’s Watson Project: Critique The Tone Of Your Writing

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