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Wi-Fi Alliance has found a name for their new and advanced wireless protocol, they plan to call it Wi-Fi HaLow. Targeted at handling the information super highway and all our interactions on there Halow targets making it easier to do business and research while online. So exactly can the WiFi HaLow do and how is it an advancement from other Wi-Fi protocols of the past. Well, to begin with an 802.11ah and a 900MZ band it can cover much more distance than the previous 5GHZ Wi-Fi protocols of the past.

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Another great feature is that with the Wi-Fi Halow an individual doesn’t need to worry about interference from various sources that effected the signal in the past. The reason this 900Hz band has better program to filter out the interference and be able to deal with barriers such as walls with no open windows to help pick up the signal which was what most Wi-Fi networks seem to require in the past. HaLow helps to eliminate the need for wireless extenders due to the range provided and the ability to break through the obstructions of the past. Add to this the fact that Halow can transmit over 1 or even 2 Mz channels which means it can also save on wattage used to transmit signals. It will also help to prolong the battery life of the device it’s being used on.

However, there could be one drawback to the Halow, because it focues mostly on IOT (Internet of Things) it’s speed aren’t as high as some may desire. It can run around ten megbits for each second of use. For some this may not be problem but others may not find that fast enough.

So, when will Halow actually be available to the public? That remains to be seen. As with any new program it takes time to test and work out the bugs before putting on the market. Odds are when it does become available it could start out as part of the Bluetooth program as a supplement.

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