iPhone 7: 7 New and Amazing Features that Business based users will love

iPhone 7 7 rumours and news

Apple is always on the forefront of technology with their latest and greatest additions to the tech market. When it comes to smartphones Apple really knows how to get users excited. The new iPhone7 has a great deal of different features that can help individuals in the business world with their day to day tasks. As we look at these different features, we can find that these features really add to the functionality of this phone.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7

Force Touch
One feature that can really help business users is the new force touch which can distinguish between short touches on the screen and longer harder touches.

Battery Life
One of the complaints of older iPhones models was the lack of battery capacity that these phones had. There are some great improvements on the new iPhone 7 battery life which will help many business users.

New iOS
The new iOS 9 on the iPhone 7 will keep business users on the forefront of the industry with the latest and greatest way to use mobile technology.

iPhone 7 7Coming in 2016

Newly Designed Home Button
The newly designed home button will also have many other features available to users who need a more dynamic approach to their cell phone use.

New front facing camera
The front facing camera upgrade will really help business users who are looking to have better video conferencing calls with clients and coworkers.

Faster processor
With a faster processor, business users will be able to get down to business faster than ever before.

Ipad improvements
Not only will these improvements help iPhone users, but they will help iPad users as well.

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