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There have been many predictions on how the new iPhone 7 will look as well as function. However, it seems that many people didn’t predict just how sophisticated this new upgraded version of the iPhone would turn out to be.

The iPhone 7 is expected to have a unique 3-D touch as well as a new and much improved built in camera. The iPhone 7 will have an fully functional A-9 processor and a 12- Megapixel rear camera. However, the camera is expected to have more features than previous models. In addition, the aluminum covering will more than likely be smoother and lightweight. The original alumnium covering seemed to be more bendable and easily scratched.

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The ID touch mechanish has definatly been improved. In addition, new colors are now available including grey, silver and light gold. It is expected the the new iPhone 7 will even have more colors to offer when it is launched.

Most of the hardware contained inside the iPhone 7 will certainly be upgraded and improved. Even if only one or two internal features are changed it will certainly improve the quality of the phone.

The current 64 bit processor will more than likely be improved or upgraded to the next level. Normally, upgrades include increased speed. The improved models in particular the iPhone 7 will be more durable than previous sold models.

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Newer models can normally do more and serve more functions. Newer technology will almost ensure that upgraded models of the iPhone will be more compact and easily concealed.

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