An “iPhone Nano ” is going to be a lot smaller

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I have a two stories to talk about here: one about the iPhone and one about MobileMe. There have been lots of rumors running around this weekend that the next iPhone revision could also introduce a smaller version of the iPhone along with the regular sized iPhone’s. An “iPhone Nano,” if you will. Supposedly, this device is going to be a lot smaller, possibly an edge to edge screen meaning that there will be no home button, just room for the speaker and microphone.
This would explain Apple’s patent for touch gestures which would allow users to use an iPhone without the home button. Along with being smaller and having an edge to edge screen, it is going to run solely on the cloud with no storage. Everything will be streamed from a revamped MobileMe, which I will talk about in the next paragraph. It would have to be dramatically cheaper than the current iPhone’s because it would be smaller, have no memory, probably have a lower resolution screen and it wouldn’t run apps because they depend on local storage. The Wall Street Journal, known for their good predictions for Apple announcements, backs up these rumors. With everything fitting into place, it seems like a likely possibility that this device will come, but from a personal approach, I don’t think it’s like Apple to release something like this.

The second story I wanted to talk about would be a forthcoming revamp of MobileMe. For those of you who do not know what MobileMe is, it is Apple’s service that allows you to sync files, calendars, settings, contacts onto the web. You can also use the Find My iPhone feature which allows you to locate any missing iOS device it can find. It is a really nice service which I have been using for 2 years now, but the one thing everyone else including myself can stand by: it is TOO EXPENSIVE. Going back to these rumors, MobileMe is supposedly, MobileMe is going to get a bit of a revamp which will cut the subscription price, some even say it would be free, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. This supposed revamp would convert MobileMe into a cloud service which would run the streaming of music and movies to iOS devices, much like the supposed iPhone Nano. It would still do everything it does now, except this would be now and it would rely on local storage to communicate with the service. Basically, using the cloud. I would definitely see this happening because that big datacenter Apple just built in North Carolina would definitely be capable of housing something like this.

iPhone Nano

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