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The problems with the Apple Maps app that have emerged since the launch of the iPhone 5 and the roll out of iOS 6 have deepened to the point that chief exec Tim Cook has actually had to make a public apology.

In the days after iOS 6 arrived, many people began to complain of poor performance from the Apple Maps service, comparing it unfavorably to the Google Maps service which it replaced.

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As well as geographical inaccuracies and issues with a lack of detail, Apple has subsequently been criticized for including detailed images of secret or sensitive government and military installations across the world which are usually redacted by Google and its rival mapping services.

500 million searches have already been made using the Apple Maps app, although it is now being suggested that just four per cent of iOS 6 users are actually accessing it on a daily basis.

Back when Google Maps was Apple`s choice for native navigation and location based services, it is thought that 25 per cent of iPhone owners used it every single day of the week at least once.

Mr Cook said that Apple was working hard to remedy all of the issues that have been highlighted over the past few weeks. He even pointed out a number of third party apps that could be used as alternatives to Apple Maps for the time being, including MapQuest and Waze.

Mr Cook said that customers could use their iPhones to access Google Maps via the Safari web browser and pointed out that Nokia also has a similarly equipped online mapping service.

It seems that Apple is being put in a difficult position because it not only made its proprietary software the standard for mapping in iOS 6, but also completely removed Google Maps support so that there is no app for users to turn to when their main option fails to deliver the goods.

Whether or not iOS 6 will eventually be fully reunited with a Google Maps app or not remains to be seen, but hopefully the apology from Mr Cook will be taken to heart by Apple customers and help them endure while an update for the Apple Maps app is created.

Back in 2010 you may remember that the launch of the iPhone 4 was marred by the news that the phone had antenna issues when held in a particular fashion, resulting in dropped calls and much fun-poking by Apple`s rivals.

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This year other companies, including the Google-owned Motorola, have already released adverts in which they satirize the reports surrounding the Apple Maps app.

Interestingly it seems that the problems with the mapping have not dissuaded people from picking up the iPhone 5, because it was reported that 5 million units were sold in the first three days following its international release.

Since cheap phones can now provide impressive navigation and mapping, Apple really needs to step up and fix its own service or else face annoying its loyal customers.

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