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If you are a fan of Facebook and the owner of an iOS device then you may already have been using the social networking service`s dedicated instant messaging app in order to chap with friends while out and about.

Following the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 last month, the Facebook Messenger app has now been updated in order to keep in step with the latest changes to Apple`s flagship device and software platform.

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In terms of interface, Facebook Messenger can now offer a side-swipe gesture which lets you look at who else is online and available to chat at any given time.

The app will please people who have upgraded to the iPhone 5 because it now fully supports the 640×1136 widescreen resolution that is afforded by the larger four inch display found on this new model.

The Facebook Messenger app has received a number of other tweaks, including the ability to order your friends list according to who you talk to the most. This means that your favorites can sit at the top of the list, rather than residing further down which might require a lot of scrolling finger work each time you want to get in touch.

To make the app look more closely related to the iOS platform, the text from contacts taking part in a conversation now appears in little stylised speech bubbles, so it resembles the kind of aesthetic which has defined the iPhone`s SMS capabilities for some time.

The Facebook Messenger app is still free to download and use, provided you have Wi-Fi connectivity or a decent data allowance on your iPhone.

When it comes to Wi-Fi, some iOS users may have been encountering issues since upgrading to version 6 of Apple`s mobile operating system.

CNET reports that a number of forum posts have popped up on Apple`s support page, with people complaining that since they downloaded the iOS 6 update to their devices they have had trouble either connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots or maintaining decent speeds once they are hooked up to one.

Other connectivity issues have been highlighted, with iPad owners stating that AirPlay is no longer working as well as it once did, or indeed functioning at all in some cases after iOS 6 has been installed.

Any Apple customer who has encountered problems should not panic, because you are not alone and the company will already be developing fixes to help overcome issues.

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It is always worth remembering that each new iteration of iOS is going to have a few bugs early on, no matter how well it has been tested, which is why subsequent updates are generally required.

Even the best smartphones can be struck down by a software issue, but overall it is good to see Apple continuing to support its older devices with iOS 6 updates and also to see third party apps getting updated to work with this new platform.

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