Is High Speed Anonymous Browsing Possible?

Researchers a faster version of the anonymous

When it comes to surfing the web with a system that helps mask data one of the biggest complaints has been that eventually the program slows down the system. This has certainly been the case with The Onion Router network, which is quite commonly used these days by individuals high speed. Over time due to the encryption and decryption going on in the network the system becomes slower.

HIgh Speed internetWell, people can now take heart, turns out that the Onion Router or TOR as its called for short could soon have some competition in this arena, known as Hornet. Developed in Zurich by a team of security developers this new network is promising not to slow down the speed of the Internet, while still delivering the service to help keeping the individuals data safe as they surf online.

HIgh Speed internet

The developers of the Hornet hope that this new network will do away with some the common complaints about TOR. One of the issues they are addressing is one of the issues that have made some of the information stored on TOR vulnerable to hacks, something that the system was suppose to avoid.

Although, the Hornet is still in development, there are high hopes for it to live up to its promises, and to perhaps become the network of choice for individuals who want to surf the net while remaining anonymous.

Hornet High Speed Anonymous

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