Is it a iWatch instead of the new iPod Nano?

Apple Might Update Its iPod touch

ipod nanoProbably not, but nobody expected either the intrusion of Apple in the mobile phone world, and was perhaps the biggest success of the company throughout its history. In any case draws attention to see these designs as the leaked screen, 1.8-inch (or whatever it is the same 3 × 3 cm) or could make a clock.

Have you thought about it? seems absurd, but can you imagine seeing that song plays in your iPhone from your wrist? Or you can read the messages? Of course if someone is an expert on creating needs that is Apple.

Apple to Announce New iPod Touch

Most likely, this screen is the future of iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle that’s gone and this new movement toward the tactile Apple represents the death of click weel. In my opinion the iPod Classic will continue to exist because it is an Apple icon, but the shuffle is my biggest doubt I have one of the last generation to use for sports and the truth is that I wish she would touch.

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