Japan Wins at 2015 RoboCup Competition

RoboCup Competition

Every year since 1997 the RoboCup World Championship competition is held as way to continue innovations in the world of robotics. Teams from all over the world compete creating robots to take one another on in competition. This year the competition was held in China and the winners were a team from Japan who came from the Chiba Institute of Technology.


MILAN, ITALY – MAY 17: Nao robots charging at Wired Next Fest, event dedicated to future, innovation and creativity on MAY 17, 2014 in Milan

RoboCup Competition Pictures

The team who are called The Brain Kids took on the equally impressive team known as the ZJUDancer, who ironically came from the host country China where they attend Zhejan University. The Brain Kids beat the team by only scoring one point but it was enough to reign victorious over their rivals who left the competition not scoring once.

RoboCup World Championships in China.

The RoboCup competition is similar to that of the game of football. However, this year the RoboCup up the game rules by making the game even more challenging for its competitors. The new challenges led to some teams such as the one from the UK known as the Bold Hearts to be eliminated from the competition early on.

Soccer match RoboCup

So, what does the future ultimately hold for the RoboCup Competition? Well, they do want to still keep raising the envelope when it comes to robotics. They even hope that one day they could be able to have a competition where robots take on human in a football match. But don’t look for such a thing to happen any time soon, since their aim for such a thing is the years 2050.

9 Photos of the Japan Wins at 2015 RoboCup Competition

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