Just wear the Oura ring and forget fitness bands

Smart ring Oura

Have you been struggling with sleep at night? Does this affect your day’s activities and would you want this to change? Thanks to technology, we now have a new jewelry that enables you to sleep at night. This piece of jewelry is in the form of a ring ‘Oura’.

How Oura ring Works?

Oura ring is a computer in the form of a ring. It helps to regulate body and brain activity before trying to regulate and balance it. Oura is capable of monitoring the respiration rate, heartbeat and body movement and temperature.

Oura smarter

The Oura will monitor movements for both day and night. Then, it will suggest what changes need be done so as to improve your sleep. For example, if it detects that a lot of time is spent sitting down during the day, it could suggest that you try walking around more so by the end of the day, you are not as energetic as when starting the day. This will, of course, lead to improved sleep.

In order to make recommendations for you based on findings, the ring has an app which it shares data with through Bluetooth.

Why Choose Oura ring for Better Sleep?

The Oura ring has a great battery life. Charging it once will last long enough, up to three days.

Forget Smartwatches

The Oura ring recommendations are personalized. Results for this device are not generalized. Recommendations are only given based on your personal lifestyle. Therefore, it is more effective compared to other devices in the market meant to enhance sleep.

The Oura ring does not disrupt your daily activities. Besides, a ring is small enough and can be worn every time without causing discomforts.

With this ring, you will surely start noticing the change in your sleep quality and length of time you take sleeping.

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