Limelight: Play Games On iOS Smartphone!

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PC gamesYou might be the kind of person who likes to have your games around them all the time. Most people that like to play online have a PC that they use just for these games. They keep all their personal stuff separate from their games, but you may not have to do that anymore. You can play your PC games on a mobile service that brings you in touch with the PC games that you were not able to bring with you on the road.

Limleight GameStream Technology


The Limelight GameStream technology allows you to bring the entertainment to your mobile phone. Gaming is much easier to do when you are on your phone, and you must remember that the gaming you do can be done on any smartphone. The main technology allows you to use iOS platforms or an iOS device, but you need to remember that the play is going to be much different than you would get with other devices. It is hard to play on a smartphone when you get started, but you can get used to the technology over time.

Transferring Your Data

You can transfer your data to your iOS device with Limelight, and you will be able to pick up where you were when you stopped. This service is also a wonderful way to go between your two main devices. You can stop on your mobile device, and you will be able to pick up when you get back to your PC. Your iOS device is the place where you can play even when you are on the road, but you might want to get back to a computer when you get home. You have more options because you do not have to stay on just one device.


Playing online is more fun when you have the choice to go on iOS when you want to play. You can sit in the car and play while someone else is driving, or you will be able to go back to the computer after you get home. You have infinite flexibility when you are using this service.


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