Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress

Welcome to the world’s biggest gathering of people and technology, Mobile World Congress. Granvia l’Hospitalet, Barcelona, Spain was the venue of this great gathering of more than 93,000 from 200 different countries and a count of 5,000 CEO’s.

MWC 2015

MWC 2015

An event that saw the participation of more than 3,800 international media and industry pundits and analysts and a further 1,900 exhibitors with their wares. Lot many things happened in this 4 days gathering that is worth a mention here. Mobile World Congress has become The Place to discover the trends.

The big news was about Google launching its own new wireless service. Though Google plans would initially be at a smaller scale, the future implications are much greater. Currently what is planned is to let the mobile device to toggle between Wi-Fi connections and cellular networks. The future of this technology is enormous and might even push other big companies to move their focus in that direction.
Another one that captured the attention of the attendees was Samsung announcing Samsung Pay, their own Mobile payment service. Samsung has creatively used NFC (Near Field Communication and its own Magnetic Secure Transmission technology to let the consumers use their mobile devices at any PoS terminals to make payments

Then you have Virtual Reality redefined with HTC Vive VR headset. HTC and Valve combining their strengths and expertise in Virtual Reality gadgets technology to come up with this incredible piece of gadget. You ought to watch and experience it to understand how it differs from other systems like Sony’s Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift.

News Samsung Galaxy S6

With a plethora of cheap phones flooding the market, it’s a sign of growing market for mobile devices. One good that these cheap phones have done to consumers is to push the other companies to pack their gadgets with more features and price these gadgets low. Keep a watch and you will find the market getting more competitive.

Amazon took a big leap to almost catch up with the giants Apple and Google in the app store front by reaching the proximity of 400K apps in their kitty. With focused approach in the app store business Amazon would sooner or later catch up with them.

Nokia N1 made news too. This iPad 3 resembling tablet is Nokia’s first mobile device since its acquisition by Microsoft. This Android loaded tablet runs on 2.4 GHz quad-core Intel Atom system-on-chip, 64 bit and 2 GB of RAM. This device resembles iPad Mini 3 so much that the joke doing rounds is that the difference is only the OS Android 5.0 “Lollipop”.

These and many more made the news and kept the visitors busy throughout the 4 days gathering that covered almost all the aspects of the mobile world and technology.

9 Photos of the Mobile World Congress

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