Nervana headphones: Listening to Music to Get High

Reaching Nirvana Headphone

I’m sure most of us have wondered why we can land a man on the moon, video chat with strangers in China, and carry a telephone in our pockets, why haven’t we figured out a way to get high just from listening to our music. Well, now we can.

There is a company that has mastered the relationship between music, our ears, and our mind. Nervana headphones (not to be confused with the grunge band Nirvana) a new brand of headphones that operate through a generator, stimulate the Vagues nerve by stimulating electrical pulses. Not many headphone companies can say they offer a customer Nervana but these guys do.

Headphones Will Get You High Nerdist

With three different settings on the generator, the Nervana headphones user can choose between three different modes. With music mode, the user can choose to listen to music while stimulating the Vagus nerve, with the ambient mode the user can choose to have their nerve stimulated by the sounds of the environment and the formula mode cuts out all noises and simply stimulates the Vagus nerve. The headphones themselves have not been clinically tested yet, but the Vagus nerve is something that has been studied extensively over the years. Doctors have successfully stimulated the Vagus nerve helping patients with both epilepsy and depression.

The users that have experienced Nervana say they start feeling a little tingling in their ear that eventually elevates to a level of euphoria or even feel a little bit light headed. The Nervana headphones and generator are available on Indigo go for only $279 and they are expected to ship to customers by June.

Achieving Nervana Dopamine Delivery

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