New Android Phones software Curtains Released by Accident

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When a new software program is announced online there can be much hoopla over it. This has certainly been the case with Microsoft’s new App that will be released for the Google Android Phones known as Curtains. Curtains is an app that individuals could use as sort of a personal assistant to keep track of their online activities another other information design to the individuals own personal needs. Microsoft had announced that the App would be released on July 29th, along with the long awaited release of Windows 10. But guess what it would appear that an early version of the Curtains App was found online over the weekend and now has been shared all over the world wide web.

Google Android Phone known as Curtains
So, what has been the over all experience that has been reported about Curtains. Well, some of who have tried it have said that its not much different then an earlier Microsoft program known as Handsets. However, there have been reports as well that unlike Handserts that seem to not be compatible with some devices including Android 5.1, apparently Curtains seem to be.

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So what are some of the features of Curtains? Well, Curtains can tell individuals can get information on good restaurants, on the weather, and about their own personal calendar alerts to help remind them of appointments. There is also a feature for an individual to transcribe emails and text messages. The app is also voice activated; a person can access the app by just saying the words Hey Curtains.

Yet there is still some drawback to Curtains despite some great features. One of the biggest drawbacks recorded is that there seem to be very few privacy features. The concern some individuals as to whether their information would be safe on the App.

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Despite the cons, no doubt Curtains take apps to a new level. Microsoft had a goal with this platform and that was to make it compatible with many different devices so that individuals could access it be it from the computer or the smart phone. They may have accomplished this mission, now its time to check out the bugs of the app. As for it coming out early, well there is a bright side to that.

Now when Windows 10 comes out later this month at the time Curtains was suppose to come out Microsoft can concentrate only on its bugs and reviews as oppose to having both new software programs coming out on the same day and dealing with both having reviews to listen to or contend with. So, maybe this was a good thing after all.

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