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Xbox One has been working closely with Windows 10 to program the two to be compatible stream games from Xbox One to Windows 10. Microsoft has solidified their plans to add a keyboard and mouse to the Xbox One, making the differences between this unit and a computer virtually non-existent. reports when Phil Spencer was asked if user would be able to stream from a Windows system, he responded with the following:

Xbox One to Windows 10

“To be clear, you can already use a USB mouse and keyboard with Xbox One, but not for any gaming. Windows 10 is currently has one-way streaming capability. If Microsoft brings this new technology to Xbox One it will bring more options to the user. For instance this technology will allow the option to play online games against PC users, without worrying about the computer user having an upper-hand using the mouse. Unlike controllers, the mouse has more precise accuracy and the keyboard has a wide range of commands. In generally, the Windows capability to stream with Xbox One will have potential for a much smoother game no matter the location of the user. With the new addition to Xbox One everyone will have the same advantage.”

7 Photos of the New Hardware For XBOX One

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