New Ubuntu iPhone Hopes to Take on the Competition but is it Up for the Challenge!

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In the arena of the Smart Phone, two name come to mind more then anyone else, Google and Android. No one else has managed to compete with these two for the top spot not even the one pioneering BlackBerry that seem to start to smart phone craze. So, why would Ubuntu iPhone even want to try with their new Ubuntu Phone OS? That’s a good question, but maybe the company feels that they have a phone that is good enough to compete the titans and at least make a dent in their sales. So, do they well it turns out that Engadget has published a review on the new type of smart phone put out by this company and their findings are interesting to say the least.

ubuntu iphoneAccording to the review there are some advantages to the Ubuntu iPhone, it has features such as a good layout on the settings menu, along with an easily navigated browser. There are also some great apps downloaded to make the surfing experience easier to handle along with being able to store certain desired information. Now the bad news, there are also bugs in the system such as it freezing up, and its touch sensitivity can sometimes lead to issues of accidentally pressing an app that is not needed. Also, there are those who complain that some common apps found on other smartphones aren’t available on Ubuntu iPhone.

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So, perhaps from the sounds of it Ubuntu may have jumped the gun in releasing the phone. Perhaps a bit more marketing research was needed fist. After all if Ubuntu really want to compete with the more popular brands they need to put our a superior device that will give them customers, not something that still fails to live up to the competition. That is certainly not the way to compete with the big guys.

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