Nokia Go Back Into The Cell Phones Business

Nokia cell phones pictures

In the early 2000’s Nokia was the leading company in cell phone technology. Nokia cell phones had a signature square body look. When the smartphone was introduced to the public, it took over the way consumers wanted their phones to look. Finally in 2014 Microsoft bought Nokia’s division and service rights.

nokia-cell-phonesFor the past several years Nokia has been trying to get their equipment to match the demanding requirements of the consumer. So far the products developed have been bulkier than the iOS and android. The unanimous decision was made that the company needs to change. The breakthrough came with the Nokia’s Burning Platform memo. Now that Nokia had the right body style, the company had to make a decision about the software to use for cell phones. Since the company is partnered with Microsoft, they decided to use the Windows software. Microsoft agreed to the deal with the condition Nokia could not produce any of their own software until 2016.

Nokia cell phones

According to a Nokia spokesperson the company will be back on the market just as soon as they fulfill their agreement to Microsoft. In the meantime, Nokia is also making the effort to find a licensing partner to help with the sales.

8 Photos of the Nokia Go Back Into The Cell Phones Business

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