Nokia: Virtual Reality For The Movie Industry

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Nokia has recently announced the release of their latest product. The Ozo is a handheld virtual reality device equipped to record video at a unique 360 degree radius and capture 3D audio. The Ozo has a spherical body and has eight cameras and microphones to capture every moment as its happening. Ozo has the advantage of being watched in live action with the headset. The product also has the ability to playback the virtual reality video recorded in low light resolution within a minutes of being recorded.

Nokia virtual reality camera
The Ozo made its debut in Los Angeles recently. Its main consumer base is Hollywood and media based professionals, not the general public. The Ozo has not had as big of an impact on the consumers as the company was anticipating. Nokia announced Jaunt would support the production of the virtual reality device even though they have produced the Neo. Neo is Ozo’s rival competitor on the market. Jaunt like Nokia specializes in making cameras and research in virtual reality, among other specialties.

NFL teams test virtual reality

Nokia announced the product is scheduled to be available on the market before the end of this year. The cost of the product is to be announced.

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