How you can make phone calls with your iPad / iPhone

Record Phone Calls on an iPhones


iOS 8 has a lot of amazing features. One of those amazing features includes making phone calls. Want to know how you can accomplish this task using your iPhone or iPad? Follow these few simple steps.


1) You must be using iOS 8 or higher, otherwise it’s not going to work.

2) Get into your iCloud system. Make sure your Apple ID is also readily available. Sign in with the same networks. Your wifi must be working with both. Your Apple ID must be the same for the iCloud too.

3) Go into your settings and log into Facetime. Make sure your calling devices are on too. Both must be working with your Apple ID and your iPad / iPhone.

Phone calls iPhone



If you have done this correctly, you can start making calls right away. If calls aren’t coming through, go in a re-check your settings iPad.

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