Photo DNA Microsoft Released to All Online Platforms

DNA breakage

Back in 2009 Microsoft released its new software program known as Photo DNA Microsoft. This innovative software was used to track and classify images that were downloaded online, in order to help prevent child pornography from being widely shared in. Photo DNA used a type of program known hashing that was able to detect photos exploiting children. Over the years law enforcement agents along with other notable organizations such as US Center of Missing and Explosive Children.

Photo DNA Microsoft
Over the years Microsoft has expanded the service to include Social Media. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook, have millions of individuals who have become members of their social media platforms. Social Media became a prime candidate for Photo DNA, because with so many on these websites it was hard for moderators to keep track of what was being downloaded. After all, in any given day almost two million images are downloaded online and one of the prime places to download them is social media.

DNA breakage

But what about the smaller online services that is showing up. Could these websites also be a target for questionable images being downloaded? This is a question that Microsoft is now asking and with good reason. So Photo DNA is going to be all the more available to the over all public, and is available for free and Microsoft hopes easier to manage. Photo DNA may not solve all the problems that have occurred due to online images being downloaded but at least its a step in the right direction toward protecting individuals online, especially children.

6 Photos of the Photo DNA Microsoft Released to All Online Platforms

Photo DNAMicrosoft looking into storing data using DNADNA breakageDNACombining The DNA Of Three PeoplePhoto DNA Microsoft

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