Problems with Siri in iPhone 6 and iPhone 5

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Today’s Apple users want to have a sophisticated design in their iphones and using siri is one of the things they have become accustomed to. Siri is a Godsend to many users of the phone but it is sometimes slow and halting;and this is something that affects users of the phone. A responsive Siri is simply one of the options that individuals are looking forward to. Make certain to get the options you need with this virtual assisting device. Some of he more common complaints with Siri is that it is torip and slow, but fortunately, there is a remedy to this situation.

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What Siri Does

Individuals can toggle on and off the Siri switch on the iPhone and this will often do the trick. Another thing that can be done is resetting the internet setting as Siri frequently uses an internet connection for information. It can help individuals quickly get the information they need from Siri. In order to do this go to settings and launch the general settings tab to reset Siri.It will also require a passcode. This is one of the easy options to ensure responsive Siri.

You should also reboot in order to get your Siri back on track, and make sure no dirt is on your phone. Another thing that might make Siri sluggish is not having your system updated. Make certain that you have the updates you need on your system in order to keep both Siri and your iphone working in optimum condition. Check for software update by tapping update on the system.

You must also make sure your mic is working, access the general mic settings and tap allow Say “Hey Siri” for activation.

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13 Photos of the Problems with Siri in iPhone 6 and iPhone 5

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